Neosho County District Court (Erie)
ROA for LM Case Type
from 4/23/2010 to 6/23/2010
1996-LM-000033 Alliance Retaurant Corp / dba Hardee's vs. Scott W Crabtree Garnishment Served Garnishee: Manpower Garnishor: Alliance Retaurant Corp / dba Hardee's against party: Scott W Crabtree Garnishment number 2 Issue date: 4/15/2010 Served date: 4/20/2010 Served on: Manpower
Document ID: 15048
Riffel-Kuhlmann Natasha
04/26/2010 GARS
2000-LM-000070 Peking House vs. Angie Thompson Garnishment Served Garnishee: Wal-Mart c/o CT Corp Garnishor: Peking House against party: Angie Thompson Garnishment number 7 Issue date: 5/21/2010 Served date: 5/24/2010 Served on: Wal Mart
Document ID: 15675
Vander Velde Jay Wesley
05/27/2010 GARS
1998-LM-000243 Coastal Mart Inc. vs. Linda M. Dewitt Garnishment Served Garnishee: Wichita Eagle CU Garnishor: Coastal Mart Inc. #9145 against party: Linda M. Dewitt Garnishment number 15 Issue date: 5/25/2010 Served date: 6/7/2010 Served on: White Eagle CU
Document ID: 16118
Riffel-Kuhlmann Natasha
06/09/2010 GARS
1999-LM-000108 Pete's One Stop vs. Tim W. Carnahan Garnishment Served Garnishee: Fairchilds Custom Cleaning Garnishor: Pete's One Stop against party: Tim W. Carnahan Garnishment number 1 Issue date: 6/15/2010 Served date: 6/17/2010 Served on: Fairchilds Custom Cleaning
Document ID: 16376
Vander Velde Jay Wesley
06/21/2010 GARS
1994-LM-000063 Coastal Mart vs. Robert D Greve Garnishment Served Garnishee: KDOC/Inmate Bank Garnishor: Coastal Mart against party: Robert D Greve Garnishment number 1 Issue date: 6/9/2010 Served date: 6/14/2010 Served on: KDOC/Inmate Bank
Document ID: 16383
06/21/2010 GARS
2001-LM-000092 Johnson's General Stores Inc vs. Delinda K Renfro Garnishment Served Garnishee: Seaton Corp, Payroll Dept Garnishor: Johnson's General Stores Inc against party: Delinda K Renfro Garnishment number 3 Issue date: 6/9/2010 Served date: 6/14/2010 Served on: Seaton Corp, Payroll Dept
Document ID: 16385
Riffel-Kuhlmann Natasha
06/21/2010 GARS
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